we call it funk…

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Funk is not only happening in London or elsewhere – our homebase Hamburg has a big portion of it too. One of the hot spots of down-to-earth funk is the monthly „we call it funk“ event at ASTRA STUBE, a tiny bar which ultimately reached legendary status by being used as the setting for Jan Delay’s album artwork of „Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Soul“.

Last Saturday Tim and I went to see Spherical perform there live, which to me always is a special pleasure, since Oliver (the mastermind behind Spherical) is a long time friend of mine. We actually got to know each other at wavemusic when Oliver used to work together for a few months…

Also, he’s a great musician who is constantly pushing forward his band project Spherical, they really have come a long way since I’ve heard them first. The first Spherical song that we felt is something very special made in on our EASY BEATS Vol. 1 compilation, as a matter of fact Oliver influenced the creation of our succeslful EASY BEATS CD-series a lot more than he’s aware of. Check out the beginnings of wavemusic lounge music here.

And I can already reveal that we are planning on releasing a full-length Spherical album on wavemusic, so be prepared for a lot more funk & soul from Hamburg to come soon.

We are going our way…



  1. 27. Oktober 2010 | M.E. writes:

    Yesterday Spherical visited Kiel for an evening gig. A great concert with fantastic musicians. They made Kiel funky.

    I call it funk, too.


  2. 28. Oktober 2010 | pesto writes:

    love that video, greez from milano

  3. 28. Oktober 2010 | Max writes:

    if you love the video you should come and see us in hamburg to see the real thing… door is always open and a cold drink at hand.

  4. 1. Februar 2011 | Sascha Pierro writes:

    Yeah, Let’s Talk inglish although we are all krauts with no idea what funk is;)!

  5. 2. Februar 2011 | Max writes:

    so, what is funk? please tell us! (in whatever language you like). max

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