MUSIC: Teitur in Hamburg tonight.

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‚Do we really need another ludicrously talented Scandinavian? ‚ YES was the answer of Word Magazine when thinking of singer/songwriter Teitur. I definitely agree. It is not just that his albums – all of them – are some of the best I can call my own. His last live show I saw was probably one of the best I have ever been to. I totally lost the feeling for time. Like it was yesterday I do remember him saying: „I can go on and play all night if you want me to.“ which was actually pretty funny as he offered this after like three encores and about two and a half hours of playing.

Tonight he is back in Hamburg playing at Prinzenbar one of the most beautiful and intimate venues in town. His new album LET THE DOG DRIVE HOME was just released in Scandinavia so there will be some brand new songs.  Everything is set for a great evening.    
There are some more dates scheduled so all friends of real singer/songwriter pearls should go and check him out.

Not sure yet? Give a listen to Teitur’s latest single – „Never Leave L.A.“


This one right here is featured on our SongRise 2.

Just two good reasons to check him out. You will love it.


  1. 25. November 2010 | Tim writes:

    Again, such a a great show.

  2. 25. November 2010 | Benni writes:

    Best part: Acapella! What a talented singer…

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