PRODUCTS: Artwork for wavemusic Volume 16?

Author: Michael Van Droff | 9 Comments »

One of the greatest but hardest processes in finishing a new compilation is finding the right images to tell a story and create a truly stunning artwork. We had both. Three month fights* until it finally was the way we wanted it (see wavemusic volume 14) or the quite rare but kinda easy going way of seeing a picture, clearing it and making a brillant artwork out of it. (see Easy Beats 6)

For upcoming wavemusic Volume 16 we this time  saw a lot of unbelievable good images we wanted to share with you. Probably one of them will turn out to be the cover. How do you like it?

* We honestly don’t mean those „Ah, no, I don’t like it. Do you?“  sort of fight. This can become more the war type of fight.


  1. 11. November 2010 | Chatrine writes:

    Def. 1:st and 3:d
    The second look similar in colour to the vol 15 now!

    Love Chatrine

  2. 11. November 2010 | Christian writes:

    What ever image you are going for in the end it will be – again – outstanding! Hard decision for you, but congratulations upfront! 🙂 Best, C

  3. 15. November 2010 | pesto writes:

    i like no 3 and 4 ..
    looking forward to the cd!!!

  4. 21. November 2010 | Sasha writes:

    Wow!!! Give preference to No.3
    i love everything you doing 🙂

  5. 22. November 2010 | Ricardo writes:

    Nr. 3 is the best… The idea, the colours, the lines of the structure… Everything is perfect on that picture.

  6. 24. November 2010 | Tim writes:

    You people really got style. We decided to go for #3 and it already looks so great. Stay tuned for updates.

  7. 25. November 2010 | victor writes:

    Thanks for this high quality music and covers, its just increable and brings me lots of pleasure.

  8. 22. Februar 2011 | me writes:

    number 2
    perfect shapes, subject… maybe not for the music though…

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