EVENTS: the very last Soulounge concert

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Friends, unfortunately sometimes even good things have to come to an end. And when they do, instead of bitching and crying about it I think one should celebrate it with style. Throw a big party, invite all your friends and enjoy the moment one last time.

That’s why we are all looking forward to this weekend, since one of our all-time favourite band, Soulounge, will play their very last concert in Hamburg:

Soulounge live in concert: Hamburg, 5 Dec., Fabrik, 21pm.

For those of you who don’t know the band (which seems unlikely to me if you know our records, they have been featured on Soul Ya 1, wavemusic # 7, 10, 12 and 15) Soulounge was founded by Cultured Pearls members Sven Bünger and Bela Brauckmann in 2001 as a sideline project for enabling them to perform their favorite Soul tracks live on stage with a range of guest artists. Soulounge has since developed into far more than just a hobby, winning a huge following on the basis of their legendary concerts.

They are not only a great band themselves, but they also have an unmistakeable nose for talent. Have you heard of Roger Cicero before? Sure you have, he was discovered by Soulounge. Know Johannes Oerding? Same thing, heard him sing for the first time with Soulounge back in 2005. And I could go on with Miss Platnum…

We have shared many great moments with the band, among the highlights were surely their George Benson support-tour in 2003 or their gig at the housewarming party of our new offices in 2006.

So come to see Soulounge live in concert, dance your ass off and have fun. There will be many, many great singers and musicians: Roger Cicero, Regy Clasen, Johannes Oerding, Jennifer Kae, Nathalie Dorra, Zascha Moktan, Florine Dimonye. You surely won’t regret it, it’s rather one of those things you will be telling your grandchildren about.

Get your tickets HERE and

Soul YA!

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