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Do you guys look at photo books? Do you watch model casting shows like „Germany’s Next Topmodel“? No!?

There is one good reason to give it a try – fashion photographer Kristian Schuller. Our graphic designer Marc Schilkowski told me about a photo book his friend Kristian did while beeing part of the jury of „Germany’s Next Topmodel“ which I should take a look at. I did so and was totaly stoked. I got me the book and spent like two hours on my couch enjoying this unbelievably work. Pretty amazing to read how this whole production was put into practice. That Kristian’s wife Peggy designed almost all the dresses just in time and for just one photo. (the butterfly dress went straight into the trash after the shooting as it was just to big to get it on a plane)

We decided that we needed some of these images for our wavemusic 16 which seemed pretty ambitious. Somehow this all worked out since everybody became a fan of this project.

Such a pleasure to work with Kristian and his team. We met him at his party last week. What a night – what a brilliant guy.

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