DESIGN: Art by Tyler Warren

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Living in Dana Point, California one could have it much worse. This beautiful spot is home and inspiration to well-travelled 24 year old Tyler Warren.  Being a painter designer, illustrator, surfer and shaper he caught our attention by accident when we saw some pictures of his brilliant oil painting on his really inspiring blog. This fortunately happend just about the time we decided our new EN ROUTE #2 shall be a musical trip to Hawaii. His paintings were just perfect. Happily Tyler instantly became a fan of the idea to have his works being the artwork to our compilation. The result became more than stunning and we huge fans of Tyler. So go and check his blog and website

This guy’s talent needs to be shared and spread.

Last but not least watch Tyler shaping and finally surfing his own board.

Tyler Warren – All Yew from on Vimeo.

Hang loose.

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