FOUNDER’S BLOG: That Perfect Kiss

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Dear lovers, 

a few decades ago, the well-known anthropologist Margaret Mead observed in detail what we now know as flirting. She discovered that 30 different stages of escalation are involved in the sexual coming together between men and women. However, and to no surprise, these stages are perceived by both men and women in different ways. 

Men tend to kiss quickly, while putting off the grand finale (oh!). Women, on the other hand, prefer to prolong the kissing and then, well, I think you know the rest. 

From our point of view, happiness between men and women is a matter of getting the timing right, especially with that first kiss. Be it the first kiss ever or (for the married under us), the first for a very long time.

Therefore, please allow us to help you a little with the timing: Here is a lovely song to enhance your Valentine’s Day. (By the way this will be featured on upcoming Buhne 16 – on the beach #3)

Kina Grannis – Valentine from Ross Ching on Vimeo.

Some more romance? wavemusic Volume 14 might be a brilliant choice.

Simultaneously enjoyed, both men and women will be lead through varying stages of the escalation process. Helping both in the discovery that a real kiss to this music will passionately help put all research in the dark.

All the best,


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