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Dear friends of wavemusic,

Who doesn’t dream of dangling their feet in the water while the waves break gently on the shore?

Perhaps, like us, you love little escapes. Even if it’s just daydreaming, for a second imagining the sound of the ukulele and the scent of coconut on sun-drenched skin. These precious moments may be few and far between, but here’s the good news – wavemusic can bring you a bit closer to those dreams.

Taking off on February 8, wavemusic En Route 2 takes you on a trip directly to the beaches of Hanalei Bay. Never mind the legends – this is about that authentic contemporary Hawaii feeling. Sunny singer/songwriter guitar sounds à la Jack Johnson, traditional ukulele and a unique brand of Reggae that has evolved on the islands: Jawaiian. After listening to this compilation for weeks we’re very much in the mood for an escape to the home of the Hula. And when it comes to artwork we never settle for anything but the best – in the case of En Route 2 the multitalented Tyler Warren. The oil paintings of the Californian artist/designer/surfer vividly capture the gorgeous array of colors and lightness of life on the islands, and turn this deluxe CD into a work of art in its own right.

The other great news is that wavemusic Smile Style 4 compiled by DJ Gardener of Eden is also out on February 8! Cute covers like Pink Turtle’s ”Walk on the Wild Side” and a wonderful acoustic version of ”Valerie” (originally made famous by Amy Winehouse) lounge around alongside jazzed-up club-style tracks like ”Lady” by French duo The Mighty Bob and the Essential Remix of Paolo Fedreghini’s ”Please Don’t Leave”. An absolute highlight is German Dub/Dancehall star Peter Fox’s instrumental version of his hit ”Haus am See”. A deluxe CD that brightens up our day and never fails to inspire an atmosphere finely balanced between Nu Jazz, Chanson and Swing.

And before we forget: wavemusic En Route 2 also includes a version of ”Somewhere over the Rainbow” by Kaulana Kanekoa.

So if you fancy going Hawaiian, then click here to order your copy of En Route 2 and/or Smile Style 4 now.

Sail away!

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