MUSIC: inDISKOtabel DJ-Mix in London

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Yesterday Tim and I returned from London where we went to create the DJ-mix for our new inDISKOtabel compilation with our buddy Claudio Passavanti at his Sunlightsquare studio.

Check out and share the inDISKOtabel mini mix – feedback is more than welcome.

inDISKOtabel – Teaser by wavemusic

Claudio’s studio is very well equipped, our favourite tool is the „Fat Bustard“ which includes the „Attitude Control“. If you’re ever in need to lift up the sound, that’s what you need.

But not only the work on the DJ-mix, the whole trip was great. From the airport we went straight a club in Shoreditch, the Favella Chic, where Claudio and his percussion player Giovianni Imparato played a small live-set on Thursday night. Later, the guys from Wha Wha 45 record label rocked the house with a very danceable latin, soul, what ever DJ-set… Tim even ended up on stage playing the congas (we won’t show pics of that, though). Back at Claudio’s place we where lucky enough to experienc one of the legendary private shows in his living room. Claudio and Giovanni sang us to sleep with an acoustic version of „Berimbou“. Good Night.

Waking up the next day in Claudio’s top-floor flat in London made a pretty chilled morning. Coffee, sun and beautiful views… perfect for listening to our pre-selection of Easy Beats 7 tunes.

Our stay ended with the celebration of Claudio’s birthday on Sunday. Party time –  good food, drinks and music – have of the Sunlightsquare band was there, too. And leaving for Miami’s WMC the next morning Claudio tried his new DJ-set on his guest. All we can say is: „Miami, be prepared, this guy will make you dance.“

All yours.

PS: If you guys are in London and into Vietnamese food you should definetly check out the restaurant Song Que in Shoreditch which seems to be the place right now. Incredible food. Really packed and kinda messy but the food…

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