PRODUCTS: LE CHIC CLUB 4 is ready for release!

Author: Michael | 2 Comments »

Time can wait!

I live and love this moment: leaning buffed, beautiful and bronzed against the designer bar of a cool club. The sound is silky-smooth but rock solid as the speakers pump out a soulful beat.

I reach for a long drink, the ice cubes rattling in the glass, and am at one with the universe. It flows like an electric eel through my nervous system – oh joy! The DJ ups the tempo, following an unspoken pact as he piles on the pressure. There’s no more casual tapping-your-feet now – the energy needs an outlet.

As if on the strings of a puppeteer I feel myself pulled irresistibly towards the dancefloor. ”Hey everybody – let’s get down” I’m still thinking, only to experience sensual meltdown in a fog of body language (and body heat) and inhale the intoxicating blend of a thousand perfumes – pheremonal overload time. My eyes assume tunnel vision mode and ultimately lose their orientation, bombarded by suggestive gestures from the women all around. It’s an erotic rollercoaster ride. I’ve lost my senses – and the DJ exploits that with no mercy, now rendering me a helpless slave to the rhythm and pummeling me relentlessly into the arms of Miss Sex-on-Legs. Do I believe in God? Hell yeah!

These are all too real moments and, dear wavemusic friends, I wish you’d all been there too – but such moments are so fleeting. But the good news is that Le Chic Club 4 is out on April 19, 2011. A deluxe CD that revisits the world described above and transports you, lords and ladies, into the center of that universe. Le Chic Club 4 is a ticket to ride with Goldfrapp, Chris Lake, Ben Westbeech, Dennis Ferrer and many, many more on board. Compiled by
Tim TABEL, Max DISKO and Pete Rivera.

Listen, order your copy and get lost in music right here. Be among the first to join the
Le Chic Club 4 fan community.

p.s.: And if the idea of experiencing the above live takes your fancy, come down to
the wavemusic Clubnight at the Prinzenbar in Hamburg on April 23.


  1. 13. April 2011 | David writes:

    When will we see this new release on iTunes?
    And your previous compilations?

    Hopefully very soon!!


  2. 14. April 2011 | Max writes:

    Hi David,

    Le Chic Club 4 will be out on iTunes in early May, however only in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Other compilations from us are already available too.

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