PRODUCTS: EASY BEATS 7 is on it’s way.

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Dear Waver!

Life often has surprises in store – and that applies for world leaders as well. You might find yourself spending an extra two hours circling in midair – as Chancellor Angela Merkel did recently when the Iranian authorities initially denied her plane permission to fly over the country. ”That’s dumb,” some might think – while others would seek to make political capital out of the incident. We say: steady! This is great. Use the time sensibly, Mrs. Merkel: order a drink and dim the lights. Now just ask the musically savvy pilot to play ”the demo of this new wavemusic CD” that he’d been talking about beforehand. Lean back and enjoy the groove.

So while circling over Turkey for two hours at night, you have the CD on repeat – and notice how you suddenly come down to earth despite being one mile high … Calm is restored, and peace of mind for the chancellor.

Friends, you see how EASY BEATS 7 has enjoyed top-caliber quality control and is now finally ready for release. Lounge – yes – but not as we know it. More beat and somehow more depth as well. On the search for the right kind of sounds we flew over a few places ourselves – picking up UK electroclashers Zoot Woman, Berlin-based duo Dapayk & Padberg – yes, as in: supermodel Eva – plus Fritz Kalkbrenner, Hamburg-based genre defiers Kollektiv Turmstrasse, and Denmark’s Kasper Bjørke with his enticingly relaxed version of the Rolling Stones classic ”Heaven”.

Easy Beats 7 – Minimix by wavemusic

If you likewise like to take off and cruise in style, order your copy of EASY BEATS 7 today and be among the first to have it by the official release date of June 21– a musical flyover clearance for all countries on the planet.


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