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Just noticed it’s been a while since we last dropped some lines. About time for an update.

Autumn is finally here and just in time for the cosy season we realeased our brand new moreorlessJAZZ 8. Our little homage to the lightness in complexity. Origami for example. Origami, the centuries-old Japanese art, is all about the ability to fold a simple sheet of paper into incredibly elegant objects that are more complex than they look. This principle of illusion is also employed in the design world, and is manifested in a wide variety of elegant furniture: forms that appear to be weightless.

moreorlessJazz 8 likewise stands for artistic lightness, in both music and design. It’s about the lightness in our perception, and the artistic achievement of those responsible. Swing, for example, has a special vibrancy about it that has us feeling how the world drifts effortlessly through space – and how something that normally only stamps is suddenly tender-footed. Easy, right? Anyone who’s ever sat at a drum kit will know “what it takes for things to start swinging…“

Check out “Devil May Care” to experience the natural swing of Raúl Midón. Or Bert Kaempfert, whose horn arrangements sound like elephants drifting blissfully along. Does it get any better?

moreorlessJazz 8 – Teaser by wavemusic

So light your fireplace, get a glass of wine and put on this little gem. Seems like the perfect plan. Doesn’t it?

Cosy greetings.

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