PRODUCTS: SMILE STYLE 5 is coming and the sun is rising!

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Dear New Year’s Resolutionaries,

You’ve undertaken a glut of promises to yourself and are wondering where to begin? Smoke less, drink more? Helping more elderly ladies across the street (or at least young ones)?

Physical exercise is another favorite – and we have a concrete suggestion along those lines for you to try out RIGHT NOW: tense the muscles next to the corners of your mouth, and at the same time those around your eyes … and? That’s right: you’re smiling!

And to make that simple exercise even easier, we will be releasing the super-hot SMILE STYLE 5 on January 31. DJ Gardener of Eden has put together another 15 gems that will have the corners of your mouth twitching with delight.

They’ll rise a little when you hear ”Desperately Trying” by anna.lucas. Ely Bruna’s cover of ”1986” will result in a relaxed smile, and the cheeky interpretation of ”Kiss” by Mo’Horizions in a broad grin. Kojato’s ”Like A Gypsy” will have you in a most merry mood, before you lean back with satisfaction and a smile on hearing Muriel Zoe’s ”Stop”. De facto one good hour of SMILE STYLE 5 facial aerobics – perfect for free spirits like yourselves, and fantastic for all those watching and listening to you.

So don’t delay and order your copy of our new SMILE STYLE 5 here and now!


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