Musical Tinder – The wavemusic Winter Bundle

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Humans like things warm and cuddly, especially females. In an earlier era – the Stone Age, let’s say – a bolt of lightning could come in very handy. Our trusty male homo erectus would heroically rescue the resulting flames back to his cave, employing all his technical expertise to craft a crackling and cozy fire – and get the romantic flames roaring in the bedroom, too.

Today, not even 7,000 years later, the lady of the house will just turn up the thermostat and hope that hubby hasn’t been burned by overtime again – and won’t collapse on the couch all tired and droopy. Evolution has produced a homo genus that is less erectus than ever in history – in the mind, at least. This man hunches over mentally as he braves the stiffening chill of the modern daily grind.

And then you wonder: how do you get things crackling and cozy these days? Where does the romance and lust come from that back then cast their dancing shadows across those cave walls? Simple – it comes from us.

In anticipation of those cold winter evenings ahead we’ve gathered together some wonderful musical tinder for you – the winter bundle. It’s sure to warm your hearts, with three red-hot wavemusic CDs on special offer for just €74.90 – a saving of 20%!

So there’s no need to go on a quest for fire. Instead, you can just click here to kindle the warmth needed for today’s homo sapiens: the all-new moreorlessCHRISTMAS 8, top-seller wavemusic 18 and the cheerily winterly moreorlessJAZZ 8.



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